October 14, 2021

Aussie-born American Samantha Zabara, 30, lives in a flat in Phu Quoc city with her boyfriend, two cats and her dogs.

“We have no money to buy anything, we can’t even afford a shower,” she said.

Ms Zabars home is “the only one we have in the whole country, it’s beautiful”, she said, adding it had “beautiful windows” and “beautifully made carpets”.

She said her husband and children had been staying in a different flat nearby but the apartment was “very crowded” and had been “sick of the noise”.

The family “isn’t that happy” with the move, she said: “The whole family are moving out, so we have to look for a new place”.

She was worried about being separated from her children, who are “quite independent”.

The apartment has been empty for several weeks and Ms Zabs apartment was only occupied last week.

Ms Kien Hoang, 34, a Vietnamese woman from Sydney, also has an apartment in Phuy Quoc.

Ms Hoang said she was “stunned” when her landlord “didn’t pay her rent”, and is now “furious” that her flat has been “demolished”.

“He didn’t have any money, so I had to move out with my children, the dogs and the cats,” she told the ABC.

Ms Heng told the same ABC the apartment is “just filthy”.

“We are looking for somewhere else to live, and there is nowhere that is safe to go,” she added.

Ms Ngoc said the building’s landlord, Mr Yat Htut, had not paid rent for several months.

“The landlord doesn’t pay his rent, we don’t have anything, and he doesn’t want to pay his money back,” she claimed.

“He’s not paying us at all, so now we are trying to find somewhere to live.”

Ms Ngol, who is pregnant with her first child, said she and her husband had been unable to get into an apartment near their home because they were “very scared” about the landlord’s behaviour.

“I don’t want my children to grow up in a situation like this,” she was quoted as saying.

“They are very independent and very young, and they need to be taught the right way to behave.”

Ms Kieu Hoang’s apartment has not been used for months.

She said the landlord was “unprofessional” and was “not taking care of the place”.

Ms Hui said the apartment had been empty since the landlord had stopped paying rent, but the tenant’s children “had to go to the park”.

She did not say what “right way” to behave might have led to the landlord not paying the rent.

Ms Nguyen, 33, from Australia, lives with her family in Phay Dao city.

“My husband and I are very old, so our life is very difficult,” she explained.

“When the landlord stops paying rent for months, we are not sure if we can pay.”

Ms Nguyen said she “would like to see the city and people take care of us” and that the “residents in the neighbourhood are kind”.

“But when we go to work, they always complain about the rent,” she complained.

Ms Tuan, 35, a Thai, also lives in Phue Quoc, but is still worried about her rent payment.

“It’s been six months and we haven’t received anything, so if there is no rent, I have to move,” she admitted.

“If we don.

the landlord is going to take our money and we will not have any food, so my children will starve.”

Ms Thuan said the rent “has been very low” and said she had “taken the money and is waiting for a payment”.

“I have no intention of living in a cheap apartment,” she warned.

The ABC’s Julie Foudy in Phuket reported from the Vietnamese capital Phu Thi Thu province.

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