October 1, 2021

Binh deong, the wife of a top politician, has opened her new Lumphinis mansion in the Lumphines capital of Lumphin, which is now under construction.

The Lumphins chief executive, Binh Deong, said that she wanted to start a new life in the new Lamps, and was delighted that the project is progressing smoothly.

Binh said she has not received any requests from any of the Lamps residents, but will be opening her new house on July 1.

She said that the entire project is in the construction phase, and that she will be putting up the new home to the public when she is finished.

She has a young daughter.

Binhs husband is a politician and he is a member of the Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Vietnam (PVN), which holds the balance of power in the country.

Lumphinus mayor and the city government are also working together to make BinhDu’s house a public house.

BinHDeong, a Vietnamese woman who is currently the mayor of Lumsa province, said the house is very big and has been in the works for a long time.

She added that she was in love with the Lumsas area and its culture, so she wanted a place for people to come and relax.

She also plans to create a museum in the house to showcase the rich heritage of the area.

She hopes that the museum will help inform people about the history of the region and its cultural richness.

Bin Hdeong said she wanted the house, which she is currently planning to construct with her husband, to be as beautiful as the Lumas’ traditional houses.

She had already planned to open a hotel in the neighborhood and had received many offers.

However, she said, the money was not enough.

She is also planning to open the Luthang, which has a history of its own, to the residents of Lamps.

She believes the area will become an important tourist destination for Lums.

She will also be working on other projects in the area, including building a kindergarten and an educational center.

Lums is the capital of the province of Luchon in the northwest of the country and is known for its culture and its diverse communities.

Binhe, who is a veteran politician, was elected to the Langsa province assembly in 2012, winning 16 seats.

She served as the vice mayor of the city for three years.

She was the mayor for the past five years, winning the seat in 2017.

The new house will be built on a 1,500-square-meter lot, which will be used for the residents to enjoy their leisure activities.

It is not known whether the new house is a hotel, a kindergarten, a museum or a community center.

Binhuang Tung, Bin Hduong’s mother, said she is excited about Binhdeong opening her home.

She says Binhh Duongs personality has made her want to become the person she is today, and she is also looking forward to spending time with Binh, her daughter, Bin Huong and other members of her family.

She expects Binhdu to be the leader of her new life and she hopes that Binh will be able to provide for Binh as her mother has always done.

Tung said she does not know the exact amount of money she has put up for the house.

However she said that Bin H Duong is making a good contribution to the city’s development and that BinH Duong has done a good job as mayor.

She asked BinHDu to make her house a beautiful place. (END)

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