October 7, 2021

Binh duong, the new owner of a free-land property in San Francisco, said he didn’t plan to turn the land into a luxury hotel, but rather as a gathering place for friends and neighbors.

The newly-renovated property, dubbed Binh Dup, has the feel of a traditional farmhouse, but with plenty of modern amenities.

The property is set to become one of the largest free-lands properties in the U.S., with around 70 rooms.

The project, which is part of the San Francisco Planning Department, will be completed in 2019, but the developer is planning to build a resort for guests and rent out other rooms.

In the past, Binh dong said he has used the property to host private parties and other events, and also to host local business owners, who he said are looking to use the land for retail and commercial purposes.

But the project was originally supposed to be developed for housing, and Binh dup said he had been approached by people who were interested in building a hotel on the land, but were hesitant because of the expense.

“The first few people I had heard were from the hotel industry,” he said.

“There’s no profit motive, and I don’t think they have any,” he told The Associated Press. “

“I don-want to make money off it, because that’s not what it’s for.” “

There’s no profit motive, and I don’t think they have any,” he told The Associated Press.

“I don-want to make money off it, because that’s not what it’s for.”

He said he was also surprised to find a lot of interest in the land from other developers.

He said there are currently about 100 people in the San Jose area who are interested in developing the land and would be willing to donate it to the city if the project gets off the ground.

“It’s not just for the people who live there,” he added.

Binh said he wanted to create a space that would be “more intimate, and have more personality and character.”

The building is part the city’s plan to create more affordable housing, but also includes an outdoor pool.

The developer said he plans to convert some of the land to condos.

Binhat Duong said the free-grounds property is in a prime location that can be accessed from the Bay Bridge, with the view of the bay and other natural features.

The building’s layout is ideal for a community gathering space, he said, and he has found a location near a popular shopping district.

He added that the site was originally used for public demonstrations, but was then turned into a hotel.

Binhou said he is not interested in expanding his business, but he does plan to open a restaurant in the property.

He has not yet decided where to develop the property, but Binh added that he would like to have the site leased to a hotel or hotel group.

“People who are trying to develop their business, whether it be a hotel group or a restaurant group, they should have some kind of public place that is open to everybody,” Binh explained.

“Because the free land is a great resource.

I’m not saying it’s the best free land in the world, but I feel that it’s a resource that can help people out.”

He also said he would love to develop a resort on the site, but that it would take time.

“If I had that opportunity now, I wouldn’t have taken it,” he noted.

Binha Duong is currently living in a hotel in the Bay Area.

Binhu Duong, who lives in San Jose, said that the area has become a “hotbed for development” over the past few years, and that his company would like more private development in the area.

“In some areas it’s not too difficult to get a development permit,” he explained.

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