October 8, 2021

The Binh Dong real-life office lease negotiations are heating up.

Binh’s office lease agreement with the Binh Real Estate Group, the Binhs’ property management company, is expected to be finalized later this month.

Binh has a number of real-world office properties to choose from.

He owns the former site of the World Trade Center, which is now the headquarters for the City of New York, and the office site of a number other companies.

In a recent interview with Business Insider, Binh said his Binh real-Life office lease was a “win-win.”

Binhs office lease will be for two years, and it will be fully operational.

Binhs has a 20% stake in the lease, and his Binhs Properties LLC will hold a 10% stake.

Binhas property management group, Binhs Real Estate Management, will own the Binhas Properties office building.

The lease agreement is expected be approved by the City Council.

The Binh family owns the majority of Binh properties, with Binh and his sons controlling the remaining shares.

The Binhs are also responsible for the Binhis real estate business.

Bilh’s current lease agreement includes a stipulation that no one but the Binhus can rent the office building at the time of the agreement, but that the Binha group can purchase the building in the future.

Bins lease agreement comes amid heightened tensions between the Binhan family and the city of Newburgh.

Last month, the Newburgh City Council voted to remove the Binhuis from the city’s land use permit, citing “serious and persistent threats to public safety.”

Bins recent history with the city has not been kind to Newburgh’s local residents.

A recent investigation by the New York Post revealed that the city had spent more than $200,000 in taxpayer money to clean up Binhs property.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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