September 21, 2021

By THAMMAD ABDULHABARThe land in My Khao Lak province in Vietnam is home to many of the country’s famous landmarks.

But it is also home to a major shopping mall and a large industrial complex.

The site was once part of Cambodia’s industrial powerhouse, the Hanoi Industrial Complex, but a few years ago it was transformed into a luxurious resort.

It is being converted into a boutique hotel and shopping complex.

Khao Lak, in Vietnam’s western Thammarat Province, is a popular tourist destination and is home the largest hotel in the country.

The resort’s location and location near the sea is appealing, as many of Vietnam’s luxury brands are based here.

The resort is being marketed as a luxury hotel with an upscale, boutique hotel.

The project for the luxury hotel was launched in 2012.

The property, which is located in the town of Binh Khoai-e Phan, was initially leased for 10 million euros ($11.7 million).

However, due to the construction of the resort and a shortage of construction workers, the company had to increase the rent.

This has now increased to 12 million euros.

The development has now cost about 25 million euros, according to a report in Vietnamese media.

The hotel is expected to open in 2019.

A project for a boutique and shopping mall was launched last year.

It will be a 5,000-square-meter shopping mall that will be located near the airport and will have the most diverse shopping and dining areas.

The hotel is also being marketed in a different way.

The boutique hotel will include an indoor bar, as well as an outdoor bar, and the shopping mall will be open to guests.

The retail and leisure centers will be the same.

The company has already secured about 300 million euros for the development, but the cost for the hotel and the resort is expected for about 3.5 billion euros.

It has yet to decide on the exact location.

The new development is also attracting attention in Vietnam.

In 2014, a group of Vietnamese activists launched an online petition calling for the construction to be stopped, calling it a form of apartheid.

The group, dubbed the Binh-Khouang Committee, has since launched a campaign to push for the project to be approved.

The group has also organized demonstrations outside the site to call for the demolition of the property.

The Binh Chamber of Commerce is leading the opposition.

The Chamber of Mines, Mines and Technology, the Chamber of Engineers, and other business groups have also expressed opposition to the project.

In an interview with the Vietnam News Agency (VNA), the Binkh-Khoulang Committee’s chief negotiator, Thi Nguyen, said that the hotel project is discriminatory against the local people and that the construction site is too close to the border with Cambodia.

According to the Vietnamese government, there is no such thing as apartheid in Vietnam, but that it is a dangerous concept to use.

The Binh group is seeking to change this with the development.

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