September 24, 2021

A Vietnamese man is looking for a new apartment in Ho Chi Minh City.

Binh Tieu, who works as a carpenter, is looking to rent a three-bedroom apartment with a view of the city center.

It’s about $250 a month.

The place is in the heart of the heartland, so Binh says he’s happy to live in the city.

“I like the way it is,” he says.

“It’s clean, clean air, very modern.

There are good schools, there are good parks.

I like the city and the people.”

Binh also says the location is perfect for a business traveler, because the city is very easy to get to and easy to leave from.

Binham Duong is a real estate agent in Hoi An, a city in Vietnam.

He and his wife have a house in Hoa Binh and a small apartment in Nguyễnh Quang province, about 25 miles (40 kilometers) west of the capital, Hanoi.

Binah is currently looking for an apartment that can accommodate up to four people, and they are looking for someone who has some experience in rental properties.

Binha Duong says that a friend of his, who lives in Hoan Thứn province, has already expressed interest in renting out the house.

Binhal Duong said he hopes to get a place in Hoển Thếng province soon.

He said he would like to live there.

“This is the perfect place to live.

It is a small place, there’s no traffic, no pollution.

There’s very little traffic here, so I’m happy to move to it,” Binh said.

Binhe Duong, a carpenter, wants to live near the city because he likes the quality of life, the food, the culture, and the weather.

He says it’s the perfect combination of place and environment for a foreigner who is looking forward to living in the countryside and not getting too crowded.

“You can see the mountains, and you can see how nice the mountains are.

You can get a good view of Vietnam,” Binha said.

The Binhs moved to Vietnam from the United States when they were 10 years old.

BinH Duong and his family have lived in Hoà Nguyh Quịn province since they were young.

“The family moved here in 2016 and we were very happy, we had a nice house, a nice place to stay, and we bought a car and a motorcycle and went around Vietnam,” he said.

“Then I decided to stay here.”

Binha, who has lived in Vietnam since the age of 16, has been staying in the same place for the last year, and he says he plans to return home.

“There’s a lot of people here, a lot more people than in the United State,” Binhal said.

According to the Bureau of the Census, Hoà An is home to about 2.3 million people, making it the second-largest city in the country.

Binho said he has a good understanding of Vietnam and that it is easy to understand the people.

“They’re very nice, very friendly, very laid back, and there’s lots of culture and history,” he added.

Binhi Duong plans to continue to move around the country, as well as to move back to the United Stated.

Binhuan Duong hopes to stay in Hoân Thường province for a while, to give him the chance to meet his new family.

“For now, I’m just staying here, but I’m also planning to visit the other provinces to see how things are going,” Binhan said.

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