September 9, 2021

A property with a view of the city centre and a view down to the river, in the picturesque village of Lagoa de Terero.

With a property of about 2,600 square metres, it’s in a quiet neighborhood.

But that quietude came at a cost, with its own security issues.

The property is owned by a company called Lagoas Real Estate, which also owns a few other properties in the area.

The owners have been in discussions with the police for the past week over the security issue, and their intention to sell the property to an Italian company.

According to local media, the property is currently under a police investigation, and the property will be sold at a later date.

The building’s owner is also accused of theft, and his lawyer has asked for the property’s security deposit to be reduced to less than 10,000 pesos.

In an interview with Local Nueva TV, the owner of the property, who wishes to remain anonymous, said the owners have not given them any reason to believe the property would be used as a storage house.

“I don’t want to lose this place, but we can’t afford it right now,” he said.

In a statement, the Lagoais Real Estate said that it is aware of the concerns raised by the authorities, and is cooperating with the investigation.

But the property owner also pointed out that the property was never under a security inspection.

“The security of our property is the most important part,” he told the local station.

“We had to undergo an inspection in a warehouse and the owner had no idea that we were being audited.

The building has been under scrutiny for a number of years. “

It was very difficult to secure the property when the security was not being taken into consideration.”

The building has been under scrutiny for a number of years.

The owner was also the owner for the properties at the Lave de la Lobo and Lave y Lago, which were purchased by a Dutch company, Oosterbeek.

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