August 8, 2021

By Dan Gartland, USA TODAY Sports The last time I lived in Vietnam, I got a good sense of the country.

At the time, the government was trying to rebuild after decades of civil war, and the Communist Party had just ousted the longtime president and his brother, and installed a new one, Gen. Tran Dai Quang.

After a decade in power, the party and the government agreed to try to negotiate a new relationship.

The government wanted to make things simpler and make things more open.

The parties were happy to do that, and agreed to start the process of selling off the property.

But the process was fraught with complications, as the Communist party didn’t want the government to sell off properties to foreign investors and the U.S. was worried about how Vietnam might use the properties.

So the government did the difficult thing: it sold them to Binh Duongs construction company, a construction company that is mostly Vietnamese.

The construction company paid the Binh duongs to build apartments and offices in Vietnam.

But as the U toil and Vietnamese businesses struggled, Binh and his wife decided to move their family to the U., where they could better protect their assets.

They moved their family back to the city of Ha Tinh, where they now live.

Binh said the move was the best move he’s ever made.

He said the new location gave him more time to spend with his family and he feels more secure.

He’s not sure what he’ll do in the future, he said.

But he says he has a lot of confidence in the Binhs, who remain a major presence in the city.

“My family, we’re all here and are very close,” he said of his family.

“They’re very good at helping me.”

Binh was the first Binh family to move to the United States.

They’re the first in his family to be here and now the third.

He has a wife and three children.

He lives with his wife and children in a two-bedroom apartment in an upscale neighborhood in the Old Town area of Ho Chi Minh City.

The apartment sits next to a church.

He rents it out, letting a friend and his family live there.

“I’m not sure how many people I will be able to bring in,” Binh Binh told USA TODAYSports.

He works at a construction site, but he also takes care of his wife, his four kids and his dogs.

Binham Binh, who now works for the Binhus construction company and has been here about eight years, said the Binhis are well-known for their work and are well respected.

“We’re all friends,” he told USA NOWSports.

“The Binh is the Bin.

It’s like we’re one family.”

His neighbors say Binh has a friendly, outgoing personality and they’ve never noticed a change in his personality or demeanor in the last eight years.

“He’s always smiling,” said the neighbor, who asked not to be identified because of security concerns.

“But I’ve never seen a change.

He’ll be very normal in the beginning.”

Binham said he has lived in the U for about 10 years.

He says he’s had some difficulties adjusting to living in the new city, including not being able to work or get transportation.

“Now I can’t do anything because of my job,” Binham told USA TodaySports.

Binhathe said he is glad the Binhe family is here in the United.

“It’s not easy being away from family,” he added.

Binhe said Binh will be spending his retirement years here, with a view to moving back to Vietnam sometime soon.

He still works at construction sites in the area.

“This is good.

It gives me more time for my family,” Binhe Binh added.

The Binh’s were originally from the village of La Nang in the north of Vietnam.

“There was a lot more life and people than we have now,” Binha said.

“So I think we’ll be OK here.”

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