August 3, 2021

Binh, a Cambodian woman with a full head of long, dark hair, has been a tenant at a property in her hometown since the 1990s.

Since then, she has been making her own living, working with other tenants to keep their businesses afloat.

But now Binh is ready to leave.

But the money is just not there,” she said. “

I can take my job as a barista, and I can work at a coffee shop and I get to earn my money.

But the money is just not there,” she said.

In January, a group of tenants in Binh’s home district of Langkawi sued the property’s owner, Binh Mui, and his company, Binhsang Khaeng, for allegedly discriminating against tenants who had no formal education or employment history.

Binhsang Mui denied the allegations, saying he hired and promoted people based on their qualifications, not their past records.

But a month later, BinH Mui’s company was found to have violated Cambodia’s Labor Code by using a loophole that allows people to claim they were fired for failing to obtain formal employment, even if they had worked for the company in the past.

The Land and Labour Board of Cambodia, an independent body that investigates cases of labor violations, has called the loophole “unacceptable” and is currently investigating the case.

BinH Muis business, a Khaeneng coffee shop, is also facing a lawsuit.

He says the lawsuit is politically motivated and the tenants’ complaint has been rejected.

The Land & Labour Board says that since 2004, it has received about 50 complaints of discrimination based on race, religion, national origin, sex or age, and that there are currently more than 200 complaints of labor discrimination against Cambodian companies.

There are currently about 1,200 companies in Cambodia that are registered to rent and operate real estate, but according to the Land & Labor Board, fewer than 10 percent of them are recognized as legitimate.

A majority of these companies are in areas that are considered to be poor or marginal, such as rural areas.

But not all landlords are in compliance with the law.

In a report in December, the Land and Labor Board said that there is no national or international standard for evaluating the legality of a property’s registration, and it can take up to six months for the board to issue a complaint.

In other words, landlords in Cambodia are not required to verify that their properties are in line with Cambodian labor law.

One example of a company that has failed to register as a legitimate real estate company is Dantak Bamboo, a property management company in Kampong Cham in Kampuchea.

Dantak has been renting out apartments for nearly 10 years and has a staff of just three people.

According to the company’s website, it is registered to the Cambodian Ministry of Labour in Kathmandu, which is a city in the country’s northwest.

But in a 2013 letter to the board, the company said it had not filed a formal labor complaint and did not want to, citing the labor code.

It also said that Dantaks management was “in the process of obtaining a license from the Cambodians Labor Ministry, which was approved on December 8, 2014.”

However, a month after the board received the letter, the ministry issued a new license.

In an email to the ABC, the office of the ministry said the department did not receive a complaint from Dantaky, which could be a sign of failure.

In another email to me, the department said Dantaka “is currently working on its application for a new labor code and will submit it to the Ministry of Labor soon.”

In a statement to the media, the Ministry said it is reviewing the letter.

In response to the letter sent by the Land Board, DantAK told the ABC that the company has not been denied its license.

“The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Social Protection of Cambodia has received a letter from Dants management requesting to confirm the status of its registration as a labor code-compliant enterprise,” the company wrote.

“Dantaks registration with the Ministry does not imply that Dants business is in compliance.

The company has been working diligently on obtaining a labor license, and will be submitting it to our Ministry within the next two weeks.”

The Land Board said it was unable to immediately confirm whether Dantakhas application had been approved.

In its letter to me in December 2014, the land board said that the government was reviewing the application.

When asked about the Land’s investigation, Dants spokesperson said he had not heard of any complaints regarding the company and that DANTAK is not registered to register.

In a letter sent to me by the Department of Labor, the head of the Land Department, P

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