August 8, 2021

Rents in Israel have risen sharply since the 2008 financial crisis and are set to continue to rise in 2017.

The Israeli government has announced that it will raise the minimum rent in 2021 from 5,000 shekels (around $3) to 6,500 shekeles (around 6,000 euros).

The average rent in the occupied West Bank is now nearly 6,600 shekells ($11).

According to the Israel Housing Authority (ISA), Israel’s largest private property owner, the average price for a rental unit in the country’s settlements is over 6,100 shekelis ($1,000).

The Israeli Housing Ministry recently announced that the minimum rental price for apartments in the settlements is set to rise from 7,000 to 8,000 (around 7,200 euros).

This is in addition to the 8,500 herkels ($4,000) that the government has been proposing to raise in 2021.

According to Yair Rosenthal, an Israeli economist and economist at Bar-Ilan University, a high rent is a sign that the Israeli government is not doing enough to stimulate growth in the economy.

“This is the beginning of the end of the state,” he told The Jerusalem Times.

“The Israelis have not been doing a good job of creating a domestic economy and they have failed to solve the economic problem.

If the government is doing it, why does it take so long?”

Yair Rosenthal is a senior lecturer in economics at Bar Ilan University.

His research focuses on economic policy and development.

The Israeli government’s plan to raise rents to 8% is a clear indication that the current economic and political environment is bad, he said.

However, a study by the Jerusalem-based Economic Policy Institute shows that the average Israeli family would save around 6,700 shekel ($11) if the government raised the rent in line with inflation.

In addition, the increase would result in an additional 1.5 million shekele ($13) a year in savings.

The average Israeli household pays around 4,200 shekeler ($8,300) in rent.

Rosenthal said that in addition, Israel’s central bank, the Bank of Israel, has been lowering the interest rate on its bonds.

The average annual rate of inflation in Israel is around 3%.

Rosenthal told The Times that the increased rental prices in Israel’s settlements would cause an economic slowdown in the Jewish state.

“There is a problem in Israel,” he said, “where the economy is not growing.

People in Israel can’t save for their retirement.

The cost of living is rising.”

While a large part of the population in Israel live in the urban areas, the country is struggling to cope with the fact that more than a quarter of the country lives in settlements, according to the Israeli Ministry of Economy.

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