August 30, 2021

Binsh Duongs real estate company, the Binh Duans, is offering an affordable housing project in Cambodia that will offer the first apartments to refugees in Southeast Asian countries.

The Binh Duan property is a 10-room apartment building with an open-concept design.

Each apartment will include a kitchen, bathroom, and shared bathroom, while also having an attached living room.

The project will offer a 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom unit for $2,200 a month.

There will also be a shared bathroom.

Binh Dinh Duas is also offering an offer to buy homes in Cambodia, where it is the largest buyer.

The company says that a 10% discount will be offered on the homes.

“This is an initiative that will provide the first affordable apartments to Cambodians in the region,” said Binh Di, Binh Binh’s CEO and co-founder.

The offer is available to all buyers in Cambodia for $100,000 per apartment, which is about the same price as a one-bedroom apartment in Cambodia.

The apartments will be sold on the Binshan Duans platform.

Binhn Dinh is also partnering with the United Nations Development Program to build a new apartment building in Kampong Cham, which it says is home to one million refugees.

The United Nations says that Kampong Cham is one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

“We are proud to have Binh Binshu, Binhn Binh, and Binh Gue, who are committed to the safety of refugees and refugees in need, in our team,” said UN Deputy Director for Refugees and Migrants, Mary Robinson.

Binhan Duas also says that it will open a shelter for displaced people in Kampung Cham.

Binhs Duans said that it is working with the Cambodian Ministry of Interior to provide housing for refugees in Kampongs Cham, the largest refugee settlement in Cambodia and home to about 500,000 refugees.

Binhaan Duans CEO, Tham Maung, says that the Binhaans project is the first of its kind in Cambodia where refugees will be able to live in the most affordable apartment.

Binhai said that the first apartment will be located in Kampeng Cham and will be available to refugees.

“It will be a very comfortable place.

It will be an affordable apartment,” Binh Da said.

Binhap Di told The Verge that Binh Hing was one of his favorite clients.

“He is one who is always helping with construction projects,” he said.

“And he’s always trying to help the refugees.”

The Binhaus project will be built on Binh Thanh Avenue, a thoroughfare that has been dubbed as the “Bridge of Peace.”

The development will be the first project of its type in Kampak Cham, a city that has a reputation for its poverty and violence.

“Binhap Di is trying to make a difference and bring about change in the area.

Binhe Dinh Dinas is building a bridge of peace that is meant to alleviate the suffering of refugees, who live in dire conditions,” Binha Hing said.

The development is also set to provide the next stage of Binha Duan’s development plan, a 1.8-acre site in Kampok Cham, where the Binhap family will be selling their real estate.

The family plans to create apartments for refugees.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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