August 20, 2021

The project that turned Binh Quong into a tourist attraction in the middle of Vietnam’s jungle didn’t take long.

The project’s architect, Binh Diem, was able to borrow $30,000 from his wife to construct a tiny condo.

A crane, with the help of local construction firms, lifted the building into place.

The condo is just two floors high and has a total of 16 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

It’s a one-bedroom unit that comes with a full kitchen, bathroom, and bath.

The kitchen has a countertop sink, and there’s also a bathroom vanity.

It all started with a single piece of fabric.

The couple’s daughter, Binxin, is the only child of Binh Binh and Binh Chieuh, who owns the construction company that built the project.

She said she and her family are really happy with the condo.

“My dad bought it for me and I was really happy.

We have a good lifestyle,” she said.

“It’s the perfect place for a family.”

The family had to borrow money because Binh’s wife was too ill to work and Binpong had to pay the rent, so I’m very grateful for the loan,” Binh said.”

It was a great blessing.

The crane was really, really quick, the contractors did the work very fast and the project took three months,” she added.

The family said they’re planning to live in the condo for a long time.

The Binh family says they’re hoping to eventually buy a home in BinH-Duongs, Vietnam.

Binh, Binpon, and their kids are also in the process of moving out of their rented apartment.

They’re moving out because they have to leave their three dogs, which are all sick.

The family said the condo will be their first home, but Binh plans to continue to work as a construction worker and stay with his wife and daughter.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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