August 9, 2021

My Pha Blog has been one of the most visited websites on the internet. 

Now, the company is going to introduce free listings on its blog. 

The news comes at a time when My Pham blog is in a hot bidding war with one of its main competitors, Naveed Najeeb, which is also the owner of the popular Gumshoe site. 

Narendra has launched a new blog, My Phy Blog, which offers listings of homes for sale in the state of Bihar. 

Kumar Singh, co-founder of My Ph Pho, said, “Free listing on My Blog will provide more insight to the properties that we are interested in. 

We want to showcase the homes of the people that have come here. 

This will also provide a platform to showcase real estate in the country, which has been slow to come out. 

Free listings will be available from June 17. 

All posts on the site will have a 5 per cent commission, and free listing will be offered for all users, including members of My Blog, and non-members.”

Narenda and Kumar Singh have been in business for over 10 years. 

Both companies have built a following among the local middle class. 

“We have been looking for a good opportunity to launch the new blog and, through our own initiative, the opportunity was made,” Kumar Singh said. 

He said that My Phi Blog is a “good fit” for the business because it offers listings with real estate data. 

One of the features of My blog, which was launched in August, is that it will allow users to search through real estate information on the website. 

My blog is also offering listings of properties in the city of Bijapur, in which My Phop has an office. 

In the past, My Phop had posted real estate listings on several other blogs including Gemini Real Estate and Bajaj Real Estate. 

A blog post by My Phoop, which had been popular on the online real estate website Gamelin, had garnered over 300,000 views in just a few hours. 

After My Phanews launch, the real estate industry in India was booming. 

However, the popularity of MyPho did not last. 

 “After the launch of the blog, there was a drop in the traffic of the site,” said Kumar Singh. 

Earlier this year, the Kannada daily Karnataka Times reported that the government had asked the company to reduce its real estate advertising in an effort to curb the rise in illegal listing. 

I hope that the free listings will provide a better platform for the realtors, who have come out of the woodwork, to advertise their properties in a better manner, Kumar Singh added. 

According to MyPhanews site, each listing has a 5% commission and free listings offer will be extended to members and non-users. 

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