July 12, 2021

Binh duong real-estate, which is owned by the Binh family, is one of the biggest office leases companies in Vietnam.

They own two of the largest office leasing companies in the country, with a combined valuation of around $600 million, according to the company’s website.

The Binh’s family is famous in the city of Hanoi for their successful leasing of luxury hotels, including the Hilton Hanoivand, the Ritz Carlton and the Hyatt Regency, which have all been acquired by the company.

Their company also manages rental agreements for a number of local businesses, including a barber shop, a jewelry store, and an electronics store.

The company has been active in the office rental market since its inception in 2009.

Its flagship company, Binh Real Estate, has been a partner with many of Vietnam’s top developers.

It has been involved in a number successful projects, including building a hotel in Hanou on the outskirts of the capital.

But the Binhs have recently been making headlines as they are now being sued by a group of developers who say that they did not receive the required permits to construct a hotel that was built without Binh real estate’s approval.

In addition to the lawsuit, Binhs has been hit with a number other lawsuits and complaints from local residents and developers.

The Binh Family also owns a large portion of the property at the former site of the former Saigon War Cemetery, a former military cemetery in Hout Bay, the capital city of Vietnam.

This land was once home to the former VC Headquarters, the former capital of Saigon.

The former VC was the country’s most powerful and feared communist leader, and was considered a threat by the U.S. and its allies.

The Vietnam War ended in 1975.

The former VC headquarters were used as a staging ground for many of the countrys most brutal and horrific attacks against civilians.

A large portion was destroyed, including several villages that had been left untouched.

The property at Hout, where the Binhes live, is now home to an undisclosed number of properties.

In 2016, the Binhai family purchased the land, which includes a building at the entrance to the city.

It was built by the Saigon Military and later used as an army training center.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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