July 5, 2021

An African elephant named Bunya is one of hundreds of animals dying every year from poaching, habitat destruction and habitat loss in parts of Africa.

Bunya, a 12-year-old male, died in June from an infection that was caught on camera.

It was the first time in a century that Bunya’s condition had become an issue in the country.

He was discovered in a bush near Bangui in April.

In the past two weeks, at least 10 other elephants have died.

In a country where elephants are hunted to the point of near extinction, Bunya could have been the biggest elephant ever to die.

A small, dusty village near Banga Banga, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is home to Bunya and the rest of his herd.

The village is home only to a handful of people, including a woman who lives alone in a house surrounded by bushes.

She told The Washington Post that she saw a group of men who were eating bananas and other fruit.

When she asked them what they were doing, the men replied they were hunting animals.

Buny, the youngest, was about 7 feet tall and weighed about 50 pounds.

Bunyan had to be tethered and kept under 24-hour surveillance.

A female elephant named Pasha lives nearby, but she and her husband live in a smaller house and are unlikely to be affected by Bunya.

“The elephant was the last of our family to live, and the only one who had to live,” Pasha said.

Pasha’s husband, a veterinarian, told her the family was already preparing to move to a new home with his family.

The couple was planning to start a business to sell their wildlife to tourists.

Pashas mother and sister were worried Bunya would get killed.

“He was a big guy, so he would have been in danger,” Pashasa said.

“We thought he might be poisoned by poachers, but we didn’t know.”

The family and other villagers are still in the process of moving to a better place, Pasha added.

Bunty’s death could have happened anywhere in the world, Pashashas aunt said.

But Bunya was killed in the middle of the night in the remote forest.

It is a particularly heartbreaking sight, because the forest has become so dangerous that poachers often cross the border and sell the animals to tourists in the hopes of bringing money to their families.

Many people have asked if the deaths could have something to do with climate change.

“Climate change is changing our environment.

It’s causing deforestation, it’s causing more animals to die,” Pika said.

The government is not reporting how many of the elephants are killed each year, but there is a consensus that it is more than 100,000.

“It’s the biggest population reduction of any animal,” said David Gee, a wildlife conservationist at the University of Nebraska who studies elephant mortality.

Gee told The Post that it has been difficult to quantify the number of elephants in Africa and that it’s a difficult task for governments and researchers to track the exact number.

The World Wide Fund for Nature has estimated that the continent lost an estimated 50 percent of its elephants in the past 100 years due to poaching, forest loss, deforestation and other human activities.

“If we could see how many elephants are dying, then we can begin to plan for the future,” Gee said.

Guees research shows that the number could be as low as 20,000, but he said he was surprised by Bunyan’s death.

“Bunya’s death is tragic,” he said.

When Bunya died, the forest was so badly degraded that it had already become a haven for poachers.

“They’ve just destroyed everything,” Pisha said.

A recent survey found that more than 70 percent of the area where Bunya lived had been cleared to build a house, a home for a family of five and a road for a motorbike.

“When they go to the jungle to hunt, they kill everything in sight,” said Bunyas aunt.

Bunyinga’s death comes at a time when there are concerns that climate change is taking its toll on the world’s wild elephants.

According to Gee’s research, an estimated 1.3 million elephants in Asia, Africa and South America are currently being killed by poached or stolen animals.

The global trade in elephant parts is estimated to be worth $1.3 trillion a year.

In recent years, a surge in the poaching of elephants has prompted governments around the world to take more aggressive steps to protect the species.

In Kenya, for example, the country’s national parks have banned hunting, which has led to a dramatic drop in the numbers of elephants there.

The country is currently considering expanding its national parks to include areas with fewer animals.

“There is more of a concern in some places, but not in others,” Guee said.

In 2015, Kenya

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