July 23, 2021

Land deals are hard to come by in Vietnam.

The average Vietnamese person who is lucky enough to have an apartment or condo will likely have no idea where to start looking.

This can leave some people without an idea of where they should start searching for a land-use permit. 

And even if you do find an acceptable deal, it may not be what you’re looking for.

Land deals in Vietnam are notoriously difficult. 

They’re complex and involve negotiating with local government officials, and they are very hard to get.

The land deal in the video above was obtained through a public records request by an American tourist.

He’s hoping to sell a home in My Lai, a suburb of Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam. 

We asked the property manager of the property, Tran Thanh Hoang, to help us find the best land deal for the property.

Here’s what he told us.

Tran Thanhs Hoang: In My Lah, the land is divided into five different sections: 1) Residential area 2) Commercial area 3) Residential areas 4) Commercial areas 5) Residential and commercial area.

Traditionally, the residential area in Vietnam is divided between two types of homes: single-family homes, which are built to be lived in, and two-story apartment buildings.

There are four types of apartments, each of which has a different market value.

In the case of My Lae, the most expensive residential unit is a two-bedroom apartment for $2.9 million, according to a local real estate broker.

Tran explains that the value of this property is $2 million more than the market value for the residential unit.

Tram Nguyen, a property agent with Tran Hoang and Associates, says the price of the two-storey apartment is around $3 million, but Tran estimates the market-value is closer to $1 million.

Tram Nguyen: So the market values for the two units in the first and second floors are $2,400, $2 a month, and that’s only for the first two years.

And this is not only a big difference in value, but it’s also a lot of money to invest into the development.

Trams Nguyen: There are a lot more apartments in Vietnam, so it’s very important to have a land contract in place so that you have an agreement with the developer that they will pay you the minimum.

It’s very difficult to negotiate with a developer in Vietnam without having an agreement that includes land in your home.

Trans Nguyen: I think the main problem that people face is that they’re so used to being a tenant in the house, that they don’t know what to expect when they move in.

They don’t understand that the land will be the property that they’ll have for the rest of their lives.

Tramps Nguyen: If you’re lucky enough, the property owner will pay rent for the next ten years, and then the tenant will have the option to buy it, or rent it out.

Tramp Nguyen: It’s really hard for people to come to a land agreement.

It might take ten years for a developer to negotiate the terms of a land transaction.

But if you can negotiate the deal, that can make it easier to find land.

Trum Nguyen: This is not a new problem.

Trancys Nguyen: When I was in Vietnam five years ago, I went to the property management office.

They had a lot vacant land, and the property managers said, ‘We’re going to be able to negotiate this with you.

We have a good deal for you.’

It took them six months, but they finally found the land deal.

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