July 19, 2021

With the country’s economy on the rise, many Vietnamese residents are looking for a home.

But finding a place to live is not always easy.

The average price of a house in Vietnam has more than doubled since 2008, when it cost only $1,000, to $5,400 in 2016.

For the same amount of money, a home could be sold for over $8 million.

For some, that’s not a problem, but for others, it’s a challenge.

For Nguyen Phuong, who moved to Vietnam from China five years ago, the real estate industry is hard to navigate.

She and her husband are both retired, and they don’t have a house on their own.

“I’m an entrepreneur, I want to have a good home and a comfortable life,” she said.

“But I can’t afford to live like this.”

Nguyen Phuon has been struggling to find a place she can call home for more than a year, and her problems are just beginning.

She and her family moved to the city of Ha Long, about 40 kilometers (25 miles) south of the capital, Hanoi.

They’ve been living in a two-bedroom apartment with a balcony overlooking the water, with a backyard garden and a backyard patio.

“The property is nice,” Nguyen Phuanh said, but the living situation is difficult.

She doesn’t have enough space to put a bed, but she needs a small refrigerator, as well as a dishwasher and refrigerator.

She said the landlord is not providing her with utilities, and that the landlord only pays rent for the month she pays the rent.

She has been waiting for a year for the landlord to provide her with her own bathroom.

She has asked the government to make it easier for her to move in, but they have not done so.

“They said they would come out with an incentive,” she added.

The government has not done anything about it, Nguyen Phang said.

She is not alone in having problems.

Many people in Ha Long are also struggling to obtain a home, and Nguyen Phong said she has also been unable to secure a mortgage in her area.

“It’s just not easy to find housing,” she explained.

“The landlords don’t give me a chance.”

Nam Phuoc, a local real estate agent, told Polygon that he’s had problems in the past with landlords, too.

“There are landlords that want to make sure they are doing all they can to find the best deals for their tenants,” he said.

Nguyen Trong, a Vietnamese-American real estate broker who has been in Ha Po City for about a year now, said he has had trouble finding a new tenant in Ha Ha for the past two years, despite having connections with the area.

When he first moved in, Nguyen Trong said he had no problem finding someone for the two-room apartment, which he described as a “perfect” one.

But he has not had a tenant in a year and a half, and his business has been hit hard by the shortage of homes.

“We have not had anyone move in for two years,” Nguyen Trang said, adding that the realtor in Ha Bo City is still asking for money from him, even though he has the right to sell the property.

The city government said it will help the landlords find housing for their workers and employees, but Nguyen Trig said it is not enough.

“My business has gone down because of the shortage,” he added.

“Our economy is going downhill,” Nguyen Thi said, describing a similar situation.

“My wife has two children.

They are all unemployed.”

Nu Trang, who has a business with the Nguyen family, said she’s had to give up on finding a buyer, as her business is on the decline.

“If I have to give a new customer a chance, I’m not going to do it,” she told Polygons reporters.

“Many people are getting killed here,” Nguyen Suan said, as he watched his wife and children struggle to find work.

“People who work here are getting murdered,” he continued.

“This is not just about the Vietnamese, but all Vietnamese.”

Nas Nhan, a young Vietnamese-Canadian student at the University of Hanois College of Business, said the government is failing to provide housing for its workers.

“It’s a huge issue,” he told Polygs reporters.

Nas Ngoc, an associate professor of business management at Hano Is, said his students have been struggling for months to find jobs in the province, despite a strong economic recovery.

“In Hano,” he explained, “the market has collapsed.

So there are people who are losing their jobs.””

We’ve been getting paid for three months and we have to get another two months’ salary for the next three months, so we are very stressed out,”

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