July 23, 2021

If you want a place to live, but can’t afford to pay rent, you might have a few options: you could rent a room in a house, a one-bedroom apartment, or a shared flat.

And if you want to move somewhere more expensive, you can do it yourself, but you’ll have to work with a broker to find a place.

Here’s how to find cheap apartments in the Sydney CBD.


Find a room You can rent a one bedroom apartment, a two bedroom apartment or a two-bedroom share in Sydney.

You’ll need to find an apartment in the CBD for a month or two before you can move into one.

The apartments are usually available for a one or two week rental period, but it could be longer depending on where you’re living.

The rent varies depending on the type of property and the location.

The average cost is $1,900 a week, but some are available for up to $2,000 a week.


Find the apartment The first step is to find out where you’ll live.

If you’re a first-time buyer looking for a place, you’ll want to start by looking for an apartment near a shopping centre.

That means you should look for an area with a shopping precinct.

If there are no shops near the CBD, you may need to look for apartments close to a train station.

Look for apartments near a school, hospital or sporting stadium.

You may also be able to find apartments near the airport.


Check the property A good rule of thumb is to check properties for security issues.

Look out for security cameras and noise, as well as neighbours who are not paying their rent.

If security cameras are on, they’re usually showing you the rent you paid for the apartment.

Check out properties with a ‘closed circuit’ sign in the property’s front window.

This means they’re closed to the public.

If it’s a property with a lot of tenants, the owner could be breaking the law by not paying rent.


Go to the property You’ll also need to get an eviction notice from the landlord.

You can get this from the police, a court or by going to the police station and making a complaint.

Once you’ve got a notice, you should go to the place you want the apartment to be.

There may be other options you can choose from, such as moving into a shared unit or moving into the cheapest apartment available.


Find out the rent You’ll want a rent for the time you’re staying in the apartment, but the cost of the apartment may also have an impact.

You could try asking for a cheaper rate, but that’s not always a viable option.

You might have to negotiate a lower rent if the landlord is paying rent, or ask the apartment manager to find something cheaper.

If your landlord is offering the apartment for a fixed price, you’re more likely to be able do a deal with them, or they may accept a lower price.


Go into a rental agreement The apartment you want may also need an agreement with your landlord, or if you have to share a room.

These agreements are usually pretty easy to get, and you may be able find an agreement online.

You should contact the landlord to make sure they agree to your new agreement.


Check a deposit Once you’re in, you need to make an appointment for a deposit.

A deposit is usually a monthly payment for the rent.

It should include: the rent, which is usually the rent for an average one- or two-bedroom unit

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