July 21, 2021

NEW YORK — It’s been a rough few weeks for a young Korean woman living on the streets of New York City.

A month ago, she woke up to the news that she and her husband were being evicted from their apartment.

The couple was living with a former boyfriend, who was arrested and charged with stalking her.

The couple said they’ve been living in a cardboard box with a mattress and a few belongings.

She said she was forced to leave her job to help her husband get a job, and the couple has been unable to find work since.

Kim Oang has struggled to find a job since her eviction.

Now she’s trying to find something she can afford to pay for.

Her rent is about $400 a month.

She is also living with her grandmother.

The woman is the only living Korean in her neighborhood.

“I’m a young person, but I’m scared to come out because I’m worried about getting into trouble,” Kim Oanhan said.

The 26-year-old from Seoul, South Korea, said she’s been homeless for more than a year now, having recently moved into an apartment with her father.

She’s struggled to pay the rent on time and to make ends meet, and has been forced to live on the street.

“Sometimes I don’t even go out.

I just stay here and sleep,” she said.

Kim said her father is a Korean businessman who owns a small company and has recently been involved in a dispute with his son.

The dispute is affecting their relationship.

“He is trying to force me to leave, but he keeps trying to convince me to stay,” Kim said.

But she has been able to keep her job because she was able to find other employment through a company that helps people with disabilities.

Kim and her father have been living on a $400-a-month stipend.

The money has helped them survive, but the couple still can’t afford to buy food.

They said they are on food stamps and they are unable to pay rent.

“We’re afraid of getting into any trouble,” she added.

Kim is living in an apartment that she purchased with her boyfriend’s family and it is not yet a home.

She wants to move out and find a place of her own, but she said she wants to avoid going back to her mother’s house.

“There are too many problems here,” she told ABC News.

“We are not getting a chance to go back to my family.”

Kim said she can’t go back.

Her father is still being investigated for allegedly stalking her, and she has had no contact with him since.

Her father was arrested last week for allegedly harassing her.

She says he’s a very controlling person.

“My father is really good at controlling me,” she recalled.

“He keeps telling me, ‘Don’t be a burden on him.

Don’t be like this.'”

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