July 12, 2021

The land in Ngo Phuong, where Binh and her parents live, is among the poorest in Vietnam.

The couple’s landlord said he couldn’t pay his rent.

He said the couple couldn’t afford to rent a new place in My Binh duongs land.

The Landlord, Nguyen Trong Quang, told NBC News that he can pay about $2.50 a month for a two-bedroom apartment in his apartment complex.

But he said he has trouble paying rent to tenants, especially when they don’t live in the area.

He can’t pay rent to them, so they move in.

He’s afraid of being evicted.

So if you can rent here, do it.

I’ll rent you a house for $1,000, so you can live here for a long time.

That’s not cheap.

That can’t be possible, he said.

But the couple is willing to pay for a new home in the nearby village of Chong Phoong, he added. 

The Landlord said he doesn’t want to give them more than $1 a month.

But they’re willing to buy a house, which they’ve already secured.

The new home is a three-bedroom, four-bathroom house that will be worth about $1 million.

They can buy the house, and they’re not taking anything.

The landlord said the house is about six miles away from their house, so the couple can drive down there.

I hope they’re happy to live here.

He added that the couple will pay the landlord a “progressive” amount of rent, but they don`t have any money for the house itself.

They are going to be renting for five years, so I hope it’s a good life for them.

The family will also move into the house to help with maintenance costs. 

 “They’re just trying to make the most of it,” the landlord said. 

But they`ve been getting some criticism from neighbors and local officials, who say the house should be cleaned, repaired and upgraded. 

In an interview with NBC News, the Landlord criticized the residents of the village for being greedy, saying that they want the family to pay a fair amount for the new home. 

“The land is owned by a group of people who have an agreement with us,” the Landlor told NBC.

“They don’t want us to live there anymore. 

He said the village was a poor place when they were growing up. 

When he bought the land, Binh said the people were poor because they couldn’t move to a better place. 

She said she will try to work with the landlord to make sure they can live in a better house, even though they`re paying $1.50 more than their old place in Ngu Daeng. “

The people in my family have no way to pay their rent,” Binh told NBC affiliate WVTV. 

She said she will try to work with the landlord to make sure they can live in a better house, even though they`re paying $1.50 more than their old place in Ngu Daeng. 

After living here for four years, Binah and her husband said they are ready to move out.

They plan to move to another area of the city to live with her family.

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