July 7, 2021

A leasing company in Texas has announced it is moving its offices from Dallas to Austin.

The Austin Business Journal reported that the firm, BinhDuong Real Estate, will relocate to Austin and will work with its existing tenants.

The new lease will begin July 1 and will last until the end of 2020.

BinhDeong, which was founded in 2016 by Binh Duanh, the son of the late Binh Binh and Binh Lui, has offices in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.

The firm is currently owned by Bin Huan, the brother of former President-elect Donald Trump.

The company has a total of 14 offices across the United States, including one in Dallas.

It will also open a new office in Houston in 2019.

The Texas office will be in the same building as BinhDuanh’s other firm, HU.

DuanH, which is also headed by the younger Binh.

The former president-elect has been a vocal critic of Trump, calling him a “bully.”

BinhHU, which also has offices on the West Coast, is headed by HU Nguyen.

BinHuanH also has a presence in San Antonio, which has a long history of hosting the Trump campaign rallies and has a large Muslim population.

Binhuang Real Estate will not be affected by the decision.

The Binhduong Real estate company was founded by Binhuong Duan, who is the son and heir of the Binh family.

Binhua is one of the largest leasing companies in the country, and the Binhuongs have a significant presence in the Texas market.

The two-story building in the Dallas suburb of Irving features an array of office and residential spaces.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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