June 17, 2021

Binh duong, a former factory worker, had to leave her home in Vietnam to find work after her husband was deported.

The couple moved into a small apartment building in Phuoc Thuong in 2012, and she has since been renting it out to a handful of other tenants.

Now, the apartment is about to get the same attention as the one her husband built in the 1970s, when he was an immigrant in Vietnam.

“It’s going to be an absolute catastrophe,” said Binh.

 “I don’t know what the government is going to do, and I don’t want to be in a situation where I have to go through another crisis.”

“They said that the government was doing everything in its power to help us,” said the woman, who requested anonymity to protect her identity.

“But we’ve got to pay rent, we’re paying taxes, and we can’t live like that.

We’re just trying to survive.”

 A local newspaper, Phuong Thuong, has also been accused of discriminating against the poor, and Binh said that she was told to look for a better rent, even though the building is just a few metres from a nearby market.

BinH said that while she has had problems with landlords in the past, this was the first time that she had experienced such a harsh response from the government.

“They’ve taken a lot of things from us,” she said.

The apartment building has had a tenant since 2012 and BinH said the new owners had been working on making it a better place for everyone.

She said she is willing to work with the government to find a solution.

“I’ll try and find a way to help, but I think we need to get a solution that works for everyone,” she added.

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