June 15, 2021

The former owners of Binh duongs Land are planning to start a new business on the former golf course, as part of a multi-million-dollar redevelopment project.

The project, which will include a golf course hotel, hotel and residential complex, is set to be launched later this year.

Binh de Jong Land was bought in 2016 by the Binh Dong Land Group, which operates several hotels and retail outlets in Vietnam.

The former golf courses property is set for redevelopment as part in the Binhas Dong Group’s multi-billion-dollar expansion project, according to the Binha Dinh Dang Group, the Binhe Duong Group and the BinH Duong Development Group.

“Binh Duongs Land is one of the most important properties in Vietnam, and the development of this property will provide the Binhs Dong group with a new revenue stream for the next two to three years,” Binha Dang and Binh Dinh Dinwong Group chairman Hieu Thanh Thanh told the AFP news agency.

Binhas Dinh Duang and the other Binha Daong Group companies will also be involved in the project, with the Binhai Duong group already developing a residential complex in Vietnam’s capital, Ho Chi Minh City.

Hieu Tha Nghoi, a spokesman for Binha Binh Land, said the Binhes Dong family was in discussions with a number of foreign companies interested in the development, including in the United States and Australia.

Binha Duong said the development would be managed by Binha Bong Land.

He said the plans were in line with Binh Binh Group’s development strategy, which involves diversifying into different areas of the economy and providing employment opportunities for the local population.

The Binh Dong Group is the largest investor in the Vietnam tourism industry, having built the popular Binh Daong Golf Club, the country’s second-highest-ranked resort.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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