June 17, 2021

A ‘cheaper’ apartment in Sydney is now on sale.

News.com:Associated Press 5 The property on the corner of George Street in St Peters has been bought by a group of developers for $2.5 million, but they’ve still got the same owners behind it.

The building is located on the same block of George St, which is a popular tourist spot.

The new owners are also looking to build an apartment block on the site, and have been working on a plan to make it available for rent for a while.

They say the building will help them “meet the demand for affordable housing in Sydney” and that they are hoping to build “a vibrant, dynamic and dynamic neighbourhood”.

They’ve been working with local authorities to set up an affordable housing program, but have not received any help from the Government to make the development happen.

“We’re just a couple of developers, so we’re not really looking to receive government subsidies or anything like that,” the developer, David and Heather Smith, said.

The family has been working for about five years to develop the property, which they plan to share with their son and his partner, who has a degree in architecture.

“He’s just looking forward to starting school in November and he wants to be able to help out his parents with his art school work,” David Smith said.

“That’s what he’s really excited about.”

If you ask him, he’s like, ‘I’m so excited.

I’ve got a degree from a university that I’m going to be going to’.

“I’m excited about my future.

I’m not too sure how long that’s going to last.”

The Smiths’ new apartment will have a balcony that will allow people to enjoy the view of the city.

The couple said the family had to get involved in the planning process to get their dream project off the ground.

“It’s been a lot of hard work, but it’s been really rewarding,” Heather Smith said, adding the couple had been working through the planning processes for the apartment before it finally went to market.

“When you’re building something for yourself, you’re always going to have some challenges.

You have to be creative with the plan, but you can always learn from your mistakes.”

The building, which has been on the market for about a year, was originally a four-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment building.

It was built in the mid-1990s and is a three-bedroom unit, and will be the first building on the block.

The Smith family said they had to find a buyer because of a number of issues, including asbestos.

“The asbestos was not an issue at the time,” Mr Smith said of the building.

“I mean, you know, we had asbestos in our basement and we had to be very careful.”

He said that the building was originally built in a factory that had moved to a site in the 1980s and they had no plans to build another apartment building there.

He said the Smiths were also concerned about their building’s location, which was on the outskirts of the CBD, close to the shopping precinct.

“There’s been asbestos in the walls, the windows, the doors,” he said.

The couple have a history of working with asbestos removal contractors, and they’ve used asbestos removal tools to remove asbestos.

David Smith said the building would be a good option for people who want to live closer to the CBD and the city centre.

“Because it’s on a lot more land, it will allow for more people to live in it,” he added.

“As you go down the street, you can go from one block to another, and we hope to get a lot closer to all of the amenities of the area.”

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