June 6, 2021

Kim OanHwan is a real estate developer and investor with a knack for finding real estate with low rents.

But his latest venture isn’t a typical venture.

Instead, Oanhs is launching a platform for real estate developers and investors to get real estate quotes from landlords for their property.

Kim Oans newest startup, real estate brokers, is partnering with the real estate broker-owned portal, RealtyLink.

Real estate brokers are currently only allowed to get quotes from tenants, but Realty Link lets anyone get a quote for their own property.

The site lets prospective renters, landlords, and agents get quotes for any property and includes a database of properties across the country.

The platform is also a way for prospective tenants and landlords to get a real-time assessment of whether they need a rental property.

Here’s how it works.

RealtyLinks real estate agents can submit a property information to the site.

The Realtylink team then calculates the rental value and gives that information to RealtySource, a broker-managed portal for the real-estate industry.

ReRealSource then sends a realty broker a request for a quote.

The broker can then send a quote to ReRealLink, which then forwards it to ReSource, which sends it to a leasing agent.

Once the leasing agent has received the leasing quote, the agent can contact the realty brokers to get their quote.

ReSource has partnered with ReRealList, which offers real estate leasing tools and software.

For the leasing agents, ReSource gives them an opportunity to get the leasing broker’s quote for the property, which they then forward to the leasing company.

Once they have the quote, ReRealSOURCE then forwards the quote to the realtor, who then forwards a quote back to ReOwnerList, the realtors website, and ReOwnerSource, all of which then pass it on to the buyer, who pays.

ReOwnerLink’s platform has already been in use in California, Washington, and New York for the past few months.

Realtor.com’s partnership with ReSource was announced in February.

The partnership has also been announced in London, France, and Germany, and will be rolling out globally.

For more on real estate and the real business of renting, check out these articles: Realty Links, Realtor.com, ReRealityList, RealestateBrokers.com.

Get your own ReSource here.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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