June 10, 2021

2 comments Posted By: RTE News on Monday, October 10, 2018 20:10:00A local farmer has developed a technology that lets farmers save on the costs of deer land and get a better return on investment.

Brian O’Sullivan has developed the system and is applying it in a number of different ways.

He is currently looking to raise €30,000 for the system.

It is designed to let landowners know if they will be entitled to a portion of the revenue from deer land.

Mr O’ Sullivan says his system is based on a system of measuring the cost of the land.

“I use an energy conservation system and that means the energy that goes into the system, it gets converted to cash, and I get a return on that.”

“It has been really successful so far in helping us out.”

“There’s no point investing in a system if it doesn’t work out.”

Mr O the Sullivan has developed an energy saving system to save on deerland.

He says the system was developed in conjunction with the Rural Development Agency of Ireland (RDAI).

He is using the system to determine whether a farmer is entitled to the money he receives for the land and, if so, what percentage of that is for the use of the animal.

Mr Ó Dóchartaigh says he is interested in the system because he wants to save up to €10,000 a year on deer-related expenses.

“The energy used is so minimal compared to the cost.

I’ve had farmers in the past saying, ‘It’s only €10 for a deer, you’ll only make half of it back’.”

But I’ve also had farmers say, ‘I’ve been looking for a way to save, I’ve never been able to do it’.

“So I’m trying to come up with a system that’s going to work.”

He says he has already had a number, including one which cost him €8,000.

He also has a system for calculating the cost to a small business, but he has not yet been able for him to put it into practice.

“It’s not something I can put into action because it would cost me a lot of money,” he says.

“So, I haven’t had the time.”

However, he is currently planning to make his system more secure by using the money to purchase insurance on the property.

“One of the things that I’m looking at is how to make sure that when the property is sold, the insurer has got a guarantee that the money is going to be used for the benefit of the community.”

This way, it’s going for the community’s benefit, not the insurer’s.

“Mr Ò Dóachartaigh is currently working with a company called Eireann to develop a system to monitor the cost and benefits of his deer-saving technology.

He hopes to have it ready to use by December 2019.”

That’s when the system will be ready for use,” he explains.”

But, it will take about two to three years before it’s ready.

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