May 27, 2021

By Raju Raman and Ramkumar SinhaBy Ramkumal DasThe first step to a successful life is knowing where to turn when you are in a hurry, and that’s what many of us take for granted when it comes to getting ahead.

But the fact is that we are not always aware of the pitfalls that await us if we do not keep our guard up, and not take the time to read about these pitfalls.

So what are these pitfalls, and how do they work?

Here are three key points that will help you to avoid any of the scams that are currently being touted as the best way to get ahead:A.

Avoiding the ‘Bounty’ ScamA ‘Bounties’ scam is a scam where someone asks you to buy an item from them, and after you pay, you receive a reward from them.

A lot of these scams are run by people who claim to be businessmen.

In the scam, the item is bought for cash, and the person who gets the reward is paid the amount.

The scam can last for weeks, if not months, or even longer depending on how many people in the vicinity know about it.

A similar scam is the ‘TripAdvisor’ scam.

In the TripAdvisor scam, a person will ask a person to send them money by post and will ask them to keep track of how much the money is worth.

The person will then give the money to the person claiming to be the owner.

The scammer will then make sure that he or she does not have the correct address and the payment has to be made through an online banking service.

The scammers also make a claim of being able to deliver the money via the post or by courier service.


Using a Paypal or similar serviceBeware of using a PayPal or similar payment service.

These services allow people to pay for goods and services, without paying anything.

A Paypal can be used for anything from sending money, to buying a ticket, to renting an apartment.

You will be sent a bill with a description of the payment that will show up on your credit card statement, and when you check your account, you will find that the bill is fraudulent.

Paypal’s service allows you to pay by credit card, but it will never charge you for the transaction.

Paypal will ask for an amount that is higher than what you paid, and you will have to pay the difference by bank transfer.

The more you pay by bank credit card in a day, the greater the charge that is added to your account.

The amount you pay will always be higher than the amount that you are supposed to pay.

This is a very dangerous method of payment that is used by scammers, and it is not advisable.

If you decide to use a Paypa, you should be aware of its risks and make sure you do not use it if you have any doubts.


Don’t rely on friends or family to help you outA lot of scams are set up by people that are not connected to you, or who have never even met you, to take advantage of you.

If they are successful, they will keep making requests until you pay them money, and they will even try to persuade you to use them as your agent in making purchases.

In some cases, they even make promises to you that will get you a certain amount of money, or other things.

This can be a real life-threatening situation, and many people are caught in this trap.

In many cases, you may not even realize that you have been defrauded until you hear someone say that someone is being generous and that he is sending money to you.

Some of the most famous scams that involve fraud involve the scammer’s relatives, or a friend.

These people often work with people they have not met before, and often will not give them any money, but they will say that they will send money to someone who has met them in the past.

The only way that you can be sure that you received the money that you paid was through a legitimate intermediary is to contact the person that you contacted and ask him/her to prove that they have received the payment and that they sent it.

If you receive money that is not yours, or if you think that someone else is being dishonest, you can report the situation to the local police station.

However, this does not guarantee that the person will give you the money back, so it is best to call the local authorities to report the scam.

The last scam is ‘the scammer taking advantage of people in your neighborhood’.

This is also a scam that is set up to take people who have little or no experience, and use them to make money.

These are people who will claim to have some knowledge about the business and will make them feel as though they are experts in the area.

The problem with this scam is that there is

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